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I absolutely love art. I have a need to create.

Whether I have been either inspired to write and perhaps incite. Or make an article of clothing or jewelry. Or design and fabricate a wall piece or painting.

I love the force of creativity.

There is a vulnerability to the creative flow. A simplicity.

A naturalness, a complexity.

I am completely moved by the challenge of creating something out of virtually anything.

Rendering textures, adding color and depth.

I love what I do.

I am at peace with my renewal of the soul-self, making me whole.

An act of kindness goes a long way.

I wanted my work to be experienced because it's different. I also wanted my work to be affordable to my musician friends. When I finally introduced my pins and post cards to my friends they supported me. They encouraged me to share my work with you guys.

and here we are.

Art-Spa Gallery features mermaid islands, watermelon baskets, cats, chicken and rooster wine stoppers, wall dolls, mermaids, fantasy mermaid aquariums, personal totems, "double entendre" ice-cream cones, Elvis impersonators, Oprah and other such creations all made from recycled cork.

"Art Spa Gallery" also features one-of-a-kind paintings including a series called "Faces and Colors of Emotion"

Among my exhibits and presentations, my most memorable are as follows..

Shay Jones with Martigra

More about it!
Shay was featured on ABC-7 May 5th 2003

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I was chosen for an honorable mention from the Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unity Temple open level Holiday Design Competition 2003 for non-religious ornaments.

Unity Temple Competition Entry
Lecturer, William Loren Katz currently uses my rendering of his pictures from his book "Black Indians, A Hidden Heritage", for his lectures across the country. Author, publisher [Atheneum Publishers] and city [New York]

Dr. Margaret Burroughs, the founder of the Dusable Museum in Chicago recommend me to several galleries in and around the Chicago area, My work is currently on exhibit at the South Side Art Center on South Michigan Ave.

My 3-dimensional art-work, LaDona Bluzette was chosen by the Chicago sculpture/artist, Richard Hunt, for a exhibit in his art Gallery in Benton Harbor.

I often do readings at poetry slams when the time permits.

I have also included a song on the catalog page that can be downloaded for free. I wrote it with Dean Anderson of the Oprah Winfry Show and Mike Egan. Soon, I will include more music I have performed with other brilliant folks I know. I will also let you read examples from my book "On earth as it is.........". Enjoy browsing some of the work herein...

Go on, take a little moment from your frenzied world and visit "Art-Spa Gallery" Read some stories and have a good laugh. (Art Whimsy is beeing updated)
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Art-Spa Gallery is all about da art. By commission only.

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