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Fishing, whether its bating a woman's beating heart or hooking a fish on his line. It is a gift that most men have a talent for......


Jones, Shay Lee

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Shout out!…a celebration of women

Hail to the wonderful women of.......

This is available as an illustrated 24"x36" poster.

On Earth As It Is

Sample of book

An Actualization of Love

Love is extraordinary.

It is a powerful thing that can blind one to the most inhuman treatment of
a loving soul.

Love can cloud your judjment. It can uncover anything.

Love can shape a heart into forgiving the unforgiveable.

Love is a sacrifice, a cause, unspoken, unchallenging, immeasurable,
unbroken in time. A rare gift if ever found.

Love is lost on no one. It grieves no one. It is not shallow, useless,
caustic, hateful arguementative, resentful, vain,stingy, weak, impatient,
petty unkind or decietful.

Love is not thoughtless, complacent, ungrateful, passive-agressive,
cowardly, cruel or judgemantal.

Love is not immoral or racist.

Love is reliable and unselfish. Love can be found anywhere by anyone, at
any time.

Love communicates: it is the path of least reaistance. Love is our past
our present and our future.

Love is in everything. Love is captivating. Love is the domineering force
that can move a mountain, a stubborn person and bend the unbendable.

Love is inexpensive. Love can stand alone. Love is precious and valuable.
Love is undervalued and hardly cherished.

Lov is in me and in you too. Love is where the heart is. Love is in truth

Love is God and His love is forever.

Aria's Celebration

Dear Aria, named for a little melody.

This moment was chosen to celebrate your joyous birth.

This celebrationis a window to your future. From this day forward you will

May this day be the key to unlock the doors of uncertainty.

A time for you to laugh and smile and a time of magic.

May each and every day bring promise of a bright and awe inspiring tomorrow.

May you meet each challenge you come up agianst. And may each challenge
keep you focused.

May your life's education be peppered with kindness.

May your friends be chosen by their integrity and the content of their
character and nothing more.

May you be worthy of truest friends and they in turn be worthy of you.

May your criticisms be tempered with love. May your temper be even.

Dear Aria, named for a little song, may you grow to be strong and wise,
patient and unconditionally loving.

This moment of your celebration as you step through the doors of each new
day. May God's universe have loving mercy on you and yours.

My Nose

He says he likes my nose.

'Tis this nose that has beheld many a twisted tissue.

It has experienced so many scents, and has poised itself over issues.

I scratch my nose when I have to tell the truth.

I wrinkle it up when I am happy.

My nose seems to swell up when it's full of woes, right after I've been crying.

I cover my nose up in the cold, it seems to be the rule.

And when I'm sure I'm all by myself, I pick it when it's full.

The Onion

Rich dazzling lights illuminate a night's skyline.

Dance clubs play music to stimulate or irritate.

Mornings transform and the city is awash with colors of the season,weather
or time of day.

Humming, whirring machines, the thickly streched traffic collide into a
cacophony of echoing sounds.

Each minute someone is eating. Each second encourages hunger. Every manner
of food from every possible culture entices the sences, assaulting the
nostrils, luring the tongue to water and sample the fare of the city,
while the landscape undergoes a continuous and riotous metamorphosis.

Visitors are beguiled by its magnificence.

Songs have been written about it.

The onion is my home.

The onion is Chicago.

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