Regrettably, pain is a way to make us all recognize that we are indeed
living. Life is our school.

How we deal with our pain is a very complicated dance, with laborious
steps that are necessary, in that they permit us to come to terms with our
subjective reality, whatever it is, where ever we are in the present, good
or bad.

Music, beauty and a sense of humor is the jalapeno-pepper-jelly in our
lives that makes living tolerable.

This is dedicated to all those who haven't yet found a voice for
expressing their pain.

It has been most humbling to write down what I am feeling at different
stages in my life, where ever, I am and in what ever mind adjustment I need
to make.

Since I am a perpetual student of life, I welcome the changes that take
place in it.

They help to make me a better person, if not a better dancer.

Herein are some of my memories. My moments in art and prose, limericks and letters, stories, poems and songs.