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Art Work


Masking our fears

Faces of Colors and Emotions (Being updated)
Paintings are painted in acrylic on art board. All paintings are available as color posters

Black Indians (Being updated)

from a book entitled Black Indians Hidden Heritage
by William Loren Katz. Atheneum Publishers, New York City.

Bone and Claw

Landscapes (Being updated)

Mixed Media


3-D wall sculptures (Being updated)

My sister Diana

3-D paintings (Being updated)


3-D aquarium with fantasy fish

Personal Totems (Being updated)

These require some client participation.

Shay Banner


Shout Out (Being updated)

A Celebration of Women

"Fishing" is available on request.

Reproductions of Selected Paintings

All poster reproductions are aprox. 16”x 20” in color on paper. Shipped rolled up in a tube



Package of 4 post cards. Adam, Eve, Diva and Blossom

Cork Sculpture


Shay's Mermaids

In 1993 I began saving cork from wine and champagne bottles from special occasions that were shared with friends and relatives. I started carving faces out of the cork and got so good at it that eventually someone asked me to make a mermaid for them. I did it but first I wrote a story about fishing.

As I wanted to work with the cork using its own unstable and uneven shape, I gave thought to all of the old Viking ships with women on the front of them that I had seen in movies and in books. I have modified those mental images and have finally come up with these multicultural jewels. I begin by matching and binding suitable pieces of cork together to form a single piece. Then as I carve and reshape each mermaid, her distinct personality develops and emerges, Finally, the colors and embellishments that I choose distinguish each mermaid as her own unique entity. At completion, each and every mermaid is coated with a lacquer finish to protect them as well as preserve their decorative and mystifying beauty. In European cultures mermaids were thought to possess magical powers. I hope that you will experience as much appreciation and enjoyment from my mythical dolls as I do in creating them.

Shay Jones

"Although my cats love them these are not suitable toys for pets or small children!

"Kork Kids" Trademark

Acrylic paints, polycrylic, alkyl propanios, ethylene glycol, n-methyl pyrrolidone

Mermaid Wall Islands

These Mermaids come with their own fishing pole and island that you can hang on the wall.

Mermaid Stationary Islands

These Mermaids come attached to their own fishing pole and island.

Mermaid Ornaments

4 assorted mermaid ornaments.

Pin Heads

Little Miss America

Elvis Impersonators

Each one gift boxed.




Watermellon Baskets Wine Stoppers

Ice cream cones



Shout Out and Fishing available as posters on request.


See: Shays Mermaids.


The book, On Earth As It thoughts, my opinions.
Will be available after publication.


Written by Dean Anderson and Mike Egan.
Lyrics and vocals by Shay Jones

Wrap you in the color of my love

Available at Five Alarm

Originally written for Jeffrey Osborne

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