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Amish-Abe-Elvis ChristmOrnamMerm Clara-Belle

"Kork Kids"

The Journey

The fun began long ago and oh so far away from the lights and idle chatter from the city by the lake. “Kork Kids” were borne in a place called Logan Square in a house near a corner with me in a chair.

As miniature heirloom artiments, first made to place on Christmas trees, made inside globes you could hold in your hand. Who would have guessed, who would have ever believed, that they began their existence, emerging as these: Ladies-in-Waiting and kings and queens, knights and all kinds of princesses. I made Merlin, the magician and noblemen, including woodland nymphs. I made Wise Men, African kings and queens, a football player and Oprah. I made Kim Fields and Lucy, a Jackson and Joan Crawford too. The Judd’s, drag dolls and Red Ridding Hood. I made teachers and angels and so many more. I even made four for the women of The View.

With attitudes and personality, multicultural “Kork Kids” came. No two look alike, as they came into life, each with their own name. Lovingly the cork takes shape as I carved and fix with a twist of my wrist. They sprang up from a place that was hidden from me, by anger, mistrust, and superficiality. They sprang from a well called Creativity’s Light, where love shines and songs are sung, and laughter is encouraged.

For ten long years, I created them, almost every day. Recycled “Kork Kids” creatures evolving from cork that is difficult to replace. Cork, a stopper for pricey wines and champagnes, tossed into trash to never be seen again.

Not unlike a butterfly that escapes from it’s cocoon, “Kork Kids” have also meta metamorphosed, being shaped fully into bloom, as little bears and tiki’s, mermaids and mermen, wall dolls, watermelon baskets, pin heads and head pins, all manner of objects, I have a need to create, from recycled cork that I chose to save.

Recycle, recycle, recycle! Don’t just sit there, recycle something. It’s every body’s business.

Drew-Barrymore Elvis-impersonators Head-Pins
Ice-cream-circle Little-Miss-America-2 Lola-Mae
MissVicky  Oprah OrnamMerm-2  
Reggeatta Tikis Tiny-Angel

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